Hurricanes vs Blues live stream Super 15 Rugby Online HD Coverage

Hurricanes vs Blues live stream Super 15 Rugby online Xtream Game starts today. If you want to Watch this match you must be gone to the field or need a software and also a laptop or a desktop or i’pad mobile.

match Super xv Rugby 2014
Hurricanes vs Blues Live
Date : April 18, 2014
Competition: Super xv Rugby

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The Big Bang Theory splits itself down the middle in its latest episode with two more or less equally weighted stories, one focusing on Sheldon, the other focusing on Howard.

Technically the A-story (the story referenced in the title) is Sheldon’s and, typically, Leonard, Penny and Amy are essentially reduced to supporting players in Sheldon’s story. Sheldon has what is essentially a mid-life crisis when Kripke asserts that string theory, which both have dedicated their careers to proving, is in fact unprovable. Kripke isn’t bothered by this at all, for he is, as he puts it, a ‘string pragmatist’ and is quite happy to take the funding and run with it. However, Sheldon has genuinely dedicated the past twenty years of his life to proving it and is thrown into turmoil when suddenly confronted with the idea that such a thing is impossible.

Sheldon confides in Penny about this problem, and as ever the pairing of these two is both sweet and effective. He ends up taking her advice and viewing the situation as a relationship break-up. He then reads up on how to deal with relationship break-ups from Cosmopolitan, resulting in him contemplating burning his books (an idea rejected because it is, he says, too reminiscent of East Texas picnics) asking Penny to re-style his hair, drinking and deciding to enjoy his freedom and wait for a new area of research to come to him rather than actively looking for one.

There are a number of academic nits we could pick with this story. For one thing, if this is Sheldon’s life’s work, could one off-hand comment from Kripke really convince him that something he’s always believed possible is, in fact, impossible? Okay, he was also bothered by the advances being made in other fields while he has made no progress over the two decades he’s been working on his own, but it still seems a bit abrupt. And how can Sheldon simply decide to drop string theory entirely and sit around waiting for a new idea or area of scientific research to come to him? It’s been established that Sheldon doesn’t teach at the university, because he’s terrible at it, which means he is employed and/or funded purely to do research – and funding granted by some kind of funding body is usually granted for a specific project with a specific goal in a specific field. Perhaps the university will employ him to research whatever he wants, but even if that is the case, he still can’t sit around enjoying his freedom and doing no work.

Now, we know what you’re going to say – this is a sitcom and we shouldn’t require it to be completely realistic. This is, after all, the show that sent Howard Wolowitz – a man who broke the Mars Rover trying to impress a date – into space. But there is a level to which we can suspend disbelief, and then there is a point at which it starts to get stretched a little. Still, in The Big Bang Theory’s defence, this is hardly the worst or most extreme example of sitcoms’ general tendency to have a fairly loose relationship with reality, especially when it comes to employment. Characters in sitcoms have always displayed a remarkable ability to pick up jobs easily, leave jobs and come back to them when they change their mind, get jobs they are clearly in no way qualified for etc., so perhaps we should go easy on the show in this case.

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